Painted Wine Glass

4 Painted Wine Glass Projects To Use As A DIY Gift

Wine Glass

Occasions come and go in life; adding memorable moments to these days is your duty. Being happy all the time is key to invigorating the people around you. Special days such as Christmas, birthdays, and anniversary can be rendered unforgettable only by imbuing each minute with unique elements. Apart from these annual events, Get Wells, Thank You’s, and Congratulations should also be made special by adding delight in their lives, which can be possible by visiting and gifting them something. The next big question that arises would be the gift that needs to be purchased. Wine is considered one of the best gifting options, and there is no wrong occasion to give your loved one a bottle. A DIY wine glass set is also a great add-on if you have already brought a bottle of wine. Let us look at some painted wine glass projects to use as a DIY gift.

1.      Multi-Colored Confetti

You cannot find a better creative option than adding all the possible colors to the glasses. The set will fit perfectly into party nights and festive events with the burst of multiple colors. Such confetti designs will add more hues to everyone’s life, but you must pay attention to the detailing. Spring is a time for gifts, and colors are the best addition to the glasses to mirror the landscapes. A metallic spread can be used if you are planning to gift the set for holidays.

Multi-Colored Confetti

2.      Peacock Feathers

The dance of feathers in the rains, when painted on the glasses, can transport you to the forest for an immersive experience. A sprinkled mixture of blue and green with the thin strokes make for the most inventive glass designs. It is not only a great gift for your loved one; you also develop your painting skills since the peacock feather involves some tight corners that need expertise, which can only be cultivated over stages. If you like to add more hues to the painting, go ahead and include the best combinations to make the wine more tasteful.

3.      Pour Paint

This is considered the best birthday present option, which you can paint with multiple colors to give the glasses a youthful vibe. Learn your loved one’s favorite color and paint with the best combinations to make the glass set a memorable gift. Experiment with various colors and designs if you want to spend more time exploring the perks of painting on the glasses.

Pour Paint

4.      Gold-Dipped

If you are looking for a regal touch to the glasses, there is no better option than dipping the glasses in golden paint. You can easily recreate the design at home. All you need to do is prepare the golden paint with the adhesive properties and dip the glasses to a certain level in the mix. By smearing the glasses in gold, you are gifting your friend with an excellent way to consume wine. This is one of the simplest methods to make a DIY wine glass gift.

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