Wedding Glass

How To Decorate Wedding Glasses

Decorate Wedding Glasses

Making your special day the best twenty-four hours of your life is a task that you need to take up with utmost seriousness so that you have that ultimate happy element etched to your heart. Being the new couple in the family, you need to keep all the members happy with everything you offer. Wedding glasses either make the day’s champagne treat available to everyone or are gifted to the guests as a token of love and gratitude. If you plan to add glasses to the ceremony and have no company providing you with any service at short notice, decorating the glasses yourself can be a good idea. If you have time to spare for the design and execution, doing it yourself can be fun. You get to open your artistic side to experiment more with the collective creativity. Let us look at some ways to decorate your wedding glasses.

1.      Painting Glasses

When you are planning to paint the glass, you must first clean it with alcohol and let it dry. Using alcohol will serve the purpose well because it can remove dirt and sterilize the glass. If rubbing alcohol is not available, go for white vinegar. Once the glass is completely dry, use gloss enamel craft paint to smear the glass with beauty. You can choose whatever color you want, but make sure all the shades blend well together. Avoid mixing all the colors; let one stroke to dry before painting the next design. Chalkboard paint can be used at the base to add the names of the guests you want to gift the glass. Add a party vibe to the glass by using metallic colors or glitter paint. Keep the glasses at room temperature and let them dry for 72 hours. Air drying the glasses of 21 days is essential to get the layers of paint attached to the glass, but it would be best to place the painted glasses in a cold oven for thirty minutes. Bake the glasses and let them cool for a few hours before packing the set.

Painting Glasses

2.      Permanent Markers

Use rubbing alcohol to wipe the glasses, and let them dry for some time. Draw patterns of creeping tendrils or swirls to make the glass more attractive. If you are more artistic, you can always go on to experiment with designs such as a beach sunset or a starry sky. Start from the base and cover the outer surfaces with appealing designs. Write song lyrics or personalized text on the bulbous portion of the glass. Once your sketching is done, you need to let the glasses dry for 72 hours. Keeping the glasses at room temperature for three days will get the marker designs dried, but the glasses need baking. You must dry the glasses further in a cold oven and later place them in an oven at 177 degrees Celsius for thirty minutes. Leave the glasses in the oven after switching off the power until the set has completely cooled.

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