Wedding Champagne Flutes

4 Wedding Champagne Flutes for Your First Toast as a Married Couple

Champagne Flutes

Raising a glass to a toast is the ideal way of acknowledging the words of your loved one. A wedding day is where everyone present may make a toast addressing the new couple. Having a set of wedding champagne flutes is imperative to make the auspicious day more memorable. When you are purchasing flutes for the occasion, you must look into the price and designs agreed upon by both parties. Make sure to buy the products all guests will easily like and is convenient to hold. Apart from all these features, you must also check if the designs match the décor. Since these glasses will be used for toasts, the design must be in such a way that everyone can handle it with ease. Unhandy flutes will break sooner or later as you use them. Here is a list of the best wedding champagne flutes that cover all styles and budgets.

1.      The Knot Shop’s Gold Flute

These sophisticated flutes come with gold floral-stamped stems, making the occasion all the grander. You can buy a set of 2 at $40 and personalize them with a monogram or special messages. The cover provided by the gold sheet is a fine grip for the glass, making it easier for the guest to make toasts. One of the biggest benefits of getting this flute is that it blends well with almost all wedding venue milieus. The regal element of the glasses augments the overall aesthetics of the toast.

Gold Flute

2.      Schott Zwiesel’s Air Champagne Flutes

Not many companies produce flutes with such innovative shapes. This particular glass design makes it perfect for the toasts, keeping the bubbles from turning flat. You can carry on with the conversations for as long as you want; the fizz isn’t leaving the champagne anytime soon. The beverage gets you through the night’s events, and these flutes ensure the perfect casing for your drink.

3.      Waterford’s Lismore Essence Crystal Champagne Flutes

There is probably no better way to infuse elegance into the milieu than using the crystal flutes. Crystal always holds a unique charm that can percolate through the air to make the atmosphere glistening with bliss. Once you purchase these crystal flutes, you are sure to use them again. People might also ask you for recommendations on the best sites or shops to buy such flutes. A set of two costs $160; you can definitely add more if you can afford it for the whole gathering.

Waterford’s Lismore

4.      Beaucoup’s Gold Rim Contemporary Champagne Flutes

The most attractive feature of this flute is the gold rim, which embellishes the glass’s perfectly cylindrical shape. A touch of freshness to the glasses are added by the rims to enhance the contemporary designs. Personalize these glasses with your names and wedding date to gift them as a set to the guests. A set of two gold rim contemporary champagne flutes costs $45. Engraving more details on the glass can be an added expense, but it will undoubtedly be a delightful way to gift your loved ones with the special flute.

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